The menu is to the left and it floats as you scroll. If you can't see it, try another browser; you should have at least two loaded in your system anyway. Firefox works best, IE is OK, but you have to unblock the menu, Chrome is good, Safari is trouble. If you still can't see the menu, here is an alternate menu.

e-mail me Put 'the blade' in the header so it doesn't go into my spam folder.

Overdrive takes eTransfer and the amount is: $35.00, the email is

Mar 20/2016 - I added another section to the 'About Your Back' page.

Feb/2016 - Re: The 'BACK' page. I have been very busy lately and will be for a little while, which has made it difficult to update the site. I've said it before, but I still have a ton of info to get up, and one day I will, but for now I just have to get something up. The next page is huge, and I can't wait to complete it before I post it, because that would take a while, so to get things moving, I'm going to post it as I go. It will evolve over time, often skipping from one subject to another, but after successive edits, hopefully forming a complete whole. It's a fascinating subject, and I think you will be surprised at the extent of damage that goaltending does to the back. So the beginning of the page is here, and once it's started I should be able to update it in bits and pieces every week.

Sept/2015 - I finally got the 'Starting Out With OV' page up, and I can't believe how long it took. I still have to go over it again, but there's something for every goalie, not just ones starting out with the blade.

As for legality, nothing has changed, but know that Overdrive is not ever going away, at least not until the shape of the foot changes and goalies stop moving laterally. When a goalie moves laterally, the side of his foot is driven into the ice, and that will never change.

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