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Widening out is dangerous because the legs are made to swing forward and back, so moving against the natural motion creates stress points. Widening out for goaltenders is destructive to the knees, groin, hips, and back because the moves are done explosively and repetitively, tens of thousands of times a year. While giving you better mobility, Overdrive allows you to control your widening out, to reduce it, and often not even to use it by keeping you on your feet.



Left is a video of Jonathan Quick's injury on Oct. 13/16. Watch his right leg boot out as he tries to push off from it. This would never have happened with Overdrive. Now LA has serious goalie problems, their season is a big question mark, and a multi-million dollar goalie, the most exciting goalie in the game, is gone. We know his injury history. This is definitely going to knock his game down a notch, permanently.
The important thing to remember about goalie injuries is that they are usually cumulative, the result of a build-up of strains and repetitive stress that often ends in a seemingly innocuous move. The current style of goal-tending places so much stress on the core that it can't help but get tired, then sore, then strained, and finally injured. And if the groin has been injured before, then it will repair like a tear in old blue jeans, imperfectly and easy to rip again.


Jonathan Quick has had back surgery and groin problems, which is no surprise given his style of play: he widens out more and more often than any goalie I've ever seen. His energetic, aggressive, super-wide style places a time limit on his career; you can only play it for so long before injury catches up to you. Jimmy Howard had it catch up to him very quickly. He could widen out beautifully at the beginning of his career, but he's been dealing with injury trouble for a while now.

The boot-out above isn't really that bad. Not a lot of weight is on his right leg as it slides out because he is on his knees and the left knee is taking most of his weight. If he had booted out while on his feet, then all of his weight would have been on his right leg and it would have been ugly. Again, it's an obvious boot-out but not a bad one, and still it causes a serious injury. It's rare that we get such a clear-cut example of the danger of boot-outs, but remember that this is the end of a long process, and most of the damage happened earlier. If any of this is unclear, I'm only repeating what I've said in much more detail elsewhere on this site, always ending with the fact that Overdrive prevents the cumulative wear and tear that leads to injuries exactly like this.

Spring/17- Just to update the Johnny Quick situation. So he came back and looked pretty good, but it was too late, and that was just too bad for the LA Kings, because it cost them their season and their coach. It's too bad for me too, because I loved watching the Kings in the playoffs, because, as Dustin Brown said, they are a team built for the playoffs. Other teams are thrilled they didn't make it, because the Kings would up their game hugely and become a very punishing team to play against. Beating the Kings in the playoffs meant you barely survived. Jonathan Quick is the heart of that team, we've seen this many times before, and despite a great effort by Budaj, a team cannot succeed without such a player.

Here's a look at another injury, this one to Matt Murray of the Penguins. It happened spring/2017, just before the playoffs, and we'll see what it costs them. Luckily, at the time of writing, Fleury seems to have regained his mojo, and let's hope he keeps it for a while because he was looking shaky and expendable. Stance is also a state of mind, and his is too tense, too sprung, so he jumps plays and overreacts. Patience and the art of doing nothing are the most difficult skills in goaltending.

So you look at the clip and there's no boot-out, nothing, just a warm-up butterfly slide, not a hard one, medium width, he's done this move a million times, and that's the problem. As one announcer suggested, maybe he didn't stretch enough beforehand, but Murray is no dummy, he knows how to prepare. I've said it over and over again: goaltending as it is now played accumulates damage to the groin, back, etc. because of widening out. All pro goalies are working with a tight core, and many of them are on the edge of injury. And the more flexibility they have, the more likely they are to go down like this. They worked very hard to gain that flexibility, and it will cost them. The problem for Murray is that he's only in his second season, and that groin is not likely to go back to its pre-injury state; it never does because other things were strained besides the groin. By the time an injury like this creeps up, the body has adjusted and compensated and can't do it any more. A sore groin can create tightness in the hips, which can cause a tight back, and so on, back and forth. I think that these innocent-looking injuries are worse because they've had time to grow roots, and the roots go deep. There is a lot of 'retro-fitting' required to fully get over such an injury; it requires a ton of work because of how muscles lock out and set like steel, especially up the psoas and around the spine, (I'll get to this on the 'Back' page), and since he's on contract, he'll have to do all of this recovery while he's back on the ice widening out all over again. On the next video, I'll look closer at the mechanics of how these injuries occur.


As for legality, nothing has changed, but know that Overdrive is not ever going away, at least not until the shape of the foot changes and goalies stop moving laterally.
(Why is this? Because when a goalie moves laterally, the ball of the foot is driven into the ice. This will never change.)

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