Although this page may look briefer than the others, there is quite a bit if information on these clips, and like the other pages, I think it will be very useful. However, on many clips I only touch on subjects that will need much more extensive coverage later. For example, I mention 2-on-1s, but they really should have a page of their own. If some of the information is unclear, I will be elaborating on it later, but I think it's important to get started on some of these topics, and most of the information should be useful right away.


#1 (Reading the Play)

#2 (Over-eager)

#3 (Drag Shots)

#4 (Working With D)

#5 (Overcoverage)

#6 (Wraparounds)

#7 (Too Comfortable)

#8 (Cutting In)

#9 (Stop and Reverse)

#10 (Awkward Plays)

#11 (Drag Shots)

#12 (2-on-1s)