The link to the right opens up a rink that contains every clip shown on the wrist shot pages. Each puck represents a video clip and the puck is located at the release point of the shot in the accompanying clip. Mouseover a puck for a thumbnail of the clip for an idea of what it is, or whether you have seen it already. Hopefully, this collection will be useful for you to double check what I have said, familiarize yourself with the shooters' motions, and perhaps discover something new. If you have a fast connection, it should load fairly quickly (each rink is 400k).


The link opens the same rink, but it has clips that haven't been used yet, and I have added in some text to each clip.


This piece is my 'angle finder' and it may show better how a shooter on his off-wing can have a better angle on the net. As the puck moves to the middle of the ice, the puck angle increases - the triangle widens. Move the crosshairs up and down the angle to see how wide you need to be to cover the angle. People always talk about goalies and their angles - well these are those angles, the puck angle being the most important (the post angles aren't important, but are necessary for the calculation).