I put it on and I don't feel anything! Does it weaken the skate boot.
Should I sharpen it. Does it damage the ice.
Does it require any maintenance at all. Does Overdrive encourage bad habits.
Does it fit smaller skates. What if I don't like it.
Can younger goalies wear it. What happens with brand new skates.
Does it affect skating. What happens with brand new pads.
Does it fit the old steel blade skates (i.e.: Lange, Micron) How do I know it's working.
My pads are getting in the way. What if I can't get it on.
I need more hardware.  


I put it on and I don't feel anything!

Perfectly normal. It's because the foot is programmed to avoid rolling into the side of the boot so you don't slipout. It can take some time before the foot gets used to doing the opposite and rolling into Overdrive. After a few weeks, you should start noticing the blade. I've had quite a few customers who have played without Overdrive while switching to new skates and they said they didn't realize how much they were relying on Overdrive.


Should I sharpen it.

Try it it you want, but it won't make much of a difference. It's the thinness of the blade that grabs the ice. I've tried sharpening it a number of times and have not noticed anything. The best way to sharpen it is with a file or a grinder. Since you don't have to sharpen Overdrive, one pair could last your entire career!


Does it require any maintenance.

No. I don't do anything other than wipe the snow off after a game. Over time, the coating on the metal will fade and appear spotty, but it won't affect the usefulness of the blade. Sometimes a puck hits it and a piece of rubber gets wedged in there and should be removed, but that's about it.


Does it fit smaller skates.

Yes. The smallest size is 2 and Overdrive fits. With the new RBK, it's a tight fit for the smallest sizes, and the blade ends up sticking farther out than normal, but I haven't had any complaints yet.


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Can younger goalies wear it.

Yes. I've put the blade on lots of youngsters, the youngest being 8. They adjust the same as the older goalies.


Does it affect skating.

You won't notice it much. On a long stride like when you go to the bench on a delayed penalty, you'll get a little extra toe push at the end of your stride. On tight radius turns, like skating circles in practice, the edge on the outside skate will engage smoothly. On stops, you'll be able to get either one or both blades down to stop harder. The very bottom of the blade is angled back so that when you are backing up, it will engage smoothly. Nothing odd or unusual will happen to your stride with Overdrive.


Does it fit the old steel blade skates (i.e.: Lange, Micron)

No. Sorry about that. I've had a number of customers try, and it's just a lot of trouble to get around that steel blade holder.


My pads are getting in the way.

Occasionally, a customer writes in saying that he thinks his pads are getting in the way of the blade, however, that is rarely the case. If your pads are really old and floppy and your toe strap is on tight, then the pad could get in the way, but you would definitely notice it, with or without Overdrive.


I need more hardware.

If you have bought new skates and want to transfer the blades, you'll need new hardware, because the old hardware will have rusted into place. Don't go hunting through hardware stores, because you're not likely to find the same parts. Mail me, and I'll send a set out to you, no charge. All I ask is that you tell someone about the blades, and most customers do that anyway.


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Does it weaken the skate boot.

No. You remove two rivets and put in three screws with T-nuts plus the blade. With the blade screwed down tightly, you are actually reinforcing the area. The plastic boot is very strong and the integrity of the structure is not affected by drilling three new holes. If you look at the bottom of the RBK skate, there are a number of large triangular holes to drain sweat.


Does it damage the ice.

No. It leaves a mark when you use it but there is no noticeable difference in the crease. What happens is that the little indents eventually get scraped away through normal play. I have never had any complaints about this.


Does Overdrive encourage bad habits.

No. Overdrive is about improved mobility. You don't pick up bad habits by wearing cleats in baseball nor do you pick up good ones by not wearing them.


What if I don't like them.

Send it back and I'll give you your money back.


What happens with brand new skates.

Like any new piece of equipment, new skates are stiff so they will restrict your movement. You may notice some scraping until the skates loosen up and allow your foot to make the small movements that avoid the scraping.


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What happens with brand new pads.

Again, new pads will be stiffer, so the tightness at the ankle Like new skates can restrict your foot movement, leading to scraping or reduced effectiveness of the blade. This goes away when the pads loosen up.


How do I know it's working.

You'll hear it cutting in. It makes a distinctive sound. You can also check the ice for its mark. Goalies new to Overdrive leave a small indent on the ice. If you're using all of the blade, it will leave a mark the full length of the blade and parallel to that of the main blade. Of course, the other thing is you'll feel it, but the blade creeps into your game so you may not notice the very small day to day changes. I think goalies new to Overdrive use it on 5-10% of their moves and can move up to about 75-80% after at least a year.


What if I can't get it on.

Installing Overdrive is not really that hard, and the margin of error is quite large, but if you can't get it on, e-mail me with your phone number and I'll call you or, just call me. One way or another, I'll make sure you get them on.


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