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John Reich
"John, I have used the blades a few times so far and MAN DO I LIKE THEM!! The power I get now is amazing, it's like I've taken concrete blocks off of my feet and can finally move. I found myself staying with plays that I normally would have been left behind on. I also noticed I wasn't as tired from the constant movement required to stay with difficult plays since I was using less leg power than I normally do. Getting up off of the ice is easy now, especially from the awkward positions I sometimes find myself in. Now I can get up with either leg in either direction, the traction is truly awesome. Getting up from the butterfly is 100 times easier as is moving across the ice while down which enables me to maintain my form and avoid opening up any "holes".The OVER DRIVE BLADES have taken me and my game to the next level, the players even commented to me on how well I was moving around and staying with the play. They no longer can use "the move" on me since now I can stay up longer and move quicker. I can't say it enough, I am glad I purchased the OVER DRIVE BLADES. Of all the money I've spent on goal equipment over the years, your product is by far the best and worth every penny spent. I will recommend the OVER DRIVE BLADES to all my friends. Thanks for inventing a GREAT product!!"
Scott Campos (CarpdePuck@aol.com)
"John, I've been using the blades for about a month and a half. They are FANTASTIC!! I love the improvement in my game because of them. Before I got these blades, I used to slip when I wanted to get a wide stance and I sometimes would hurt my knee ligaments. Now, I find myself with a much wider stance with no stress on my knee ligaments. Also my recovery time from butterflies is much easier and quicker. Another plus is my movement across the goal line on wrap arounds. I can get lower and wider, and still have power to shuffle with one push to the post and stuff the shooter. Also another great thing the blades help is on 2 on O's. Just the other day I had a 2 on O and I went in a butterfly to the right side and the puck was then passed to the left side and I was able to recover and push off fast enough to glove the shot. The shooter was stunned, he thought I had no chance on it. A great product for a goalie. Thanks for giving us goalies an edge on the shooter for once." John Reich. snatcherchief30@aol.com
"I have tried out the blades for about a month and a half now, and really can see the improvements in my performance. Helps me to get up and move faster side to side, and allows a wider stance with no loss in mobility. Plus it got rid of the knee pain I suffered from after tearing my MCL. That alone was reason enough for the blade, but I love playing better too. Also the legs are not as tired after a session. Excellent product for a butterfly goalie. I was a little skeptical at first, but after using it I LOVE IT! Great product, worth the small cost for the performance improvement."
Jim Kracker (Jk159@aol.com)
My first game with them, I noticed their contribution right away. It felt great, no more slipping! I could challenge the shooter more and know that I'd still have traction to move about the crease with greater confidence if they were to pass across and stuff. I'm probably more of a stand-up goalie than I might have thought, even with overdrive, I don't feel I have the strength to recover two legs at once, I still get back up one leg at a time. As with that one video clip you have of #30 following the puck all over, I feel my recovery is much quicker. I find myself feeling 'in position' for shots much more than before due to my increase traction, mobility and recovery. Good enough for me, I'm very satisfied. I haven't noticed any negative affects in having them. I can definitely hold a wider stance and I do get a much better initial push when I'm trying to bolt to the bench on a delayed penalty, etc. My biggest boost isn't so much just the physical boost in performance, but also the mental... the confidence gained and having less fear of injury pulling something, like my back or groin during an awkward slip.
Kevin Oscroft. kevin@hminc.com
Just a quick message to let ya know that the blades are working out pretty good. I'm not exactly using them all the time on the ice but the thing I'm impressed about is that they haven't interfered with my skating at all and only come into use when I need the extra grip. They don't catch either but I think I'll have to work on using them a bit better, but when I get use to them I think they will work out pretty good. (Kevin Kelly, Irish Ice Hockey Assoc.) kevkelly@iiha.org.
Kevin Oscroft
"I used overdrive once and I could tell the difference right away. It'll take some time to get used to rolling my skates to take full advantage of overdrive while I'm down, but man oh man, did I make some great saves. My recovery time has greatly improved and it provides so much more power side to side. You have created an excellent product and I'm making sure to tell all my goalie buds." about it.
Joe Wolfe

 " I have used the blades about 6 times now, so I feel comfortable in making some early judgments. The first thing I noticed was the increased power in leg pushes. No longer does the pushing leg "slip out" when making large pushes, nor does it slide backwards. Also, the stops are harder and faster, allowing for quicker return moves to the opposite side. The second improvement I saw was in my overall stance. My feet can now be spread out wider, with my knees closer to the ice, without the fear of slipping. This allows me to cover the low corners better, plus it cuts down the time it takes to close down the 5 hole. Recovery is also much quicker and cleaner because you get back on the main blade easier. Gone is the "butterfly hop" and the two piece recovery, both of which leave you unprepared for a quick second shot. You also can regain your balance much easier after making a difficult save that leaves you in an awkward position. Finally, and MOST importantly, the blades have improved my overall game very quickly, especially the butterfly and butterfly slide moves. Since my feet are wider apart, my knees really only have to drop down a short distance to hit the ice. In the older, more closed stance, I first had to push the legs out while going down, sometimes resulting in a "hang up" in which you don't get the best leg extension. Now, with the wider stance, I can quickly move from stance to butterfly, half butterfly, or butterfly slide with minimal effort and sharp, quick recovery, should it be needed. I have received several comments from shooters who said, "... you gave the 5 hole and took it away so quickly", or "...it was there (5 hole), then it wasn't". This alone makes the Overdrive a great investment for anyone SERIOUS about improving their game! Thanks again for a great product that REALLY helps. "

It has been almost six months since I first put the Overdrive blades on my skates and I continue to be amazed with every game I play! My movements are significantly more explosive in either direction and I am easily able to reverse my direction when the situation warrants it. My butterfly recoveries are now very similar to your video page (thanks for the ideas!) with a tight compact form which almost always stays together. The wider stance has greatly reduced leg fatigue while enabling better coverage of the corners, WITHOUT sacrificing mobility. I have not had any problems with scraping or catching. My groin and back take much less abuse and are no longer subject to the heavy loads put on them when playing without the blades, due mostly to slipping. I do not feel as "spent" after a game or practice! Finally, the durability of the blade itself is also quite impressive. It has taken several solid shots and has neither moved nor been damaged. After tightening the screws tithe first few days, I have yet to touch them since! All in all, I am continually amazed at how a simple design can RADICALLY redefine ones game and boost his confidence. Again, I would HIGHLY recommend the Overdrive Blade to anyone serious about his game!
Robert Rosti rostifam@redrose.net

"Just a note to let you know how I feel after using your blades for a year. In a word great! Being an older guy it helps with my peace of mind knowing that the OD is there to keep me from feeling that terrible ripping that comes from having a skate slip out from under you. Thanks again for a great product."
Darrell Swigert. darrell@marconid.com
"I've had the blades on since you sent them to me and they are amazing! They did take a little bit to get used to, but that was to be expected. I knew they were the right thing on the second night I used them. A shot from the point. I was at the top of my crease...made the save, but the rebound went right back out. I was stuck down in a butterfly, but was able to make a quick push off with my right skate and move to my left to make the second save. I know for a fact that my blade would have slipped out without the
Overdrive blade on." Peter Gollan


 "I played my first game with the blade on the other day. The installation was easy. no problems whatsoever. I was able to feel the blade at times and I could tell that if will definitely make a difference once I learn how to use it. Didn't have any scraping or anything that hindered my game in any way".....
    "After 4 uses I've gotten pretty well adjusted to the blade. I still need to get used to rolling the foot on certain moves, but I've already found a HUGE improvement on my butterfly recoveries and pushing across the crease in the paddle down method. I LOVE IT!! The aspect I find to be the best is how deep you can get in the butterfly stance w/o having your knees touch the ice. On a breakaway I faced yesterday I even faked the shooter out by starting to drop, and forcing him to deek to my glove side. at that point I slid over and had him shoot right into my stomach. He sort of had this look of disbelief on his face because he thought it would be an easy goal. I deked the shooter!"

"now that it's been about a month since I've installed the blade and have become very comfortable with it, I just wanted to write you and give you MORE praise! I have to say that this has made a TREMENDOUS improvement in my game. not only are my recoveries faster, but they are just SO much easier. In my last game I realized that my legs weren't burning, and in fact,I wasn't even as tired as I normally am after games. The little things are what I like the best about it, namely the recoveries from awkward positioning. I don't even really notice this so much as it's going on, but after the play moves on and I recap what just happened in my mind I say to myself, "hey, this thing is pretty good!" I've recommended it to a few people so far, but they all seem to be a little hesitant about trying something new."
Justin Blackman (blackman34@hotmail.com)

"I have been using the Overdrive blades for about three months now, while I am still getting the feel for how to use them and what they can do for me I have found the most significant change is the reduction of felt stress and discomfort in my knees. Coming back from reconstructive knee surgery and a subsequent serious groin muscle tear the ability to get low and still maneuver has been greatly enhanced, I believe more due to the reduction in pain and increased confidence the Overdrive blades have given me. Far and away the best money I have spent on equipment enhancement. I do believe that the blades have given me a tremendous gain in confidence and a definite reduction in pain. I don't go home looking for the icepack after games, although a beer and a hot tub are still in order." Robb Foster

"I installed the overdrive blades on my CCM 452's over the weekend. Once I got over the trauma of drilling a hole in my skate the installation went pretty smoothly. Thanks for the extra screws and T-nuts, I stripped one on the second hole on the first blade. I was much more careful after that! The only thing I might suggest to improve the installation would be to find another type of drive for the screw used to install the t-nuts. In spite of your warnings, I pretty much stripped the heads of the Phillips you provided. I went out to look for a hex head to use, but I could not find one the size used. I persevered and got the blades installed. Tonight, I used them for the first time, and WOW, what a difference. There was no way that I could use them to their full potential after one outing, but the grip and stability they provide is amazing! The main reason I ordered the blades was to improve my stability, grip and lateral motion when the puck is behind the net. Tonight, nobody beat me to the post. I can hardly wait to get back on the ice to start learning to use the overdrive in more situations."
Jim Abbs: j.abbs@sympatico.ca
"I received the blades and had no trouble getting them on my skates. I love them! I had no trouble getting used to them. This is a great idea. I still have a lot of work to do to get them integrated to my skating movements but I immediately began using them for easier lateral movements across the crease. Another advantage I discovered was using them as a brake while making long lateral movements from one side of the crease to the other. This allowed me to drop the pad angle more creating more coverage on the long side of the net. I actually made a toe save this way from just having the pad at the lower angle and being able to instantly slow my momentum at the time of the shot release. I can't wait to discover all the things I can do with these blades. Thanks alot for a great idea. "
Randy Ross. ross@kcnet.com
"It only took a minute or two to secure the blade to the boot. I got to use them for the first time last night and while the difference wasn't huge it was noticeable. I was able to get a little more push on lateral moves and was able to stop harder. I also had no slips. I realize I probably haven't even scratched he surface of the blades potential but
so far so good!!
Andrew Williams.