Problems or questions? E-mail me, or call or text at 416-766-9400 anytime.

New Pricing:

  • Overdrive now has two prices. I've reduced the price of one pair of blades to $30.00. Two pairs go for $50.00 (1 of OV1 and OV2, or two of the same).
  • Those are your total final prices including taxes and shipping by surface mail to anywhere in the world. 1 pair for $30.00; 2 for $50.00.
  • On the 2-for-$50, you can team up with a friend at the rink or online. When you order, give me one or two addresses, anywhere in the world, and I ship them.


  • I'm going to try something new: if you're buying Overdrive for skates with a cowling, the price will include a free upgrade to the new blades if you decide to buy skates without a cowling. Let me know when you make the change and I'll send them out, no charge.
  • I'm not sure how this will work out. I'll try it for this hockey season and hopefully extend it from there.
  • The 2-for-50 includes an upgrade to the new blades for one or both pairs.

!!! Skate Info !!!:

  • Now that there are two types of Overdrive blades, one for skates with a cowling, one for the newer skates without a cowling, I need to know what type of skates you'll be installing on, because one blade will not fit on the other type of skate. With your mailing address, just put 'cowling' or 'no cowling', and any other skate info you want to include. I will be getting back to you to confirm all of this before mailing.

Payment Methods:

  • eTransfer: All you need is my email: Be sure to include your info, but I will get back to double-check anyway.
  • Check or Money Order: I still get them once in a while. Let me know and I can speed up the process.
  • PayPal: The buttons are below. It's a standard PayPal checkout, and if you're worried if it went through properly, or you made a mistake, or you want to cancel, contact me and I'll get right on it.
1 pair for $30.00 or 2 pairs for $50.00


  • With PayPal and eTransfer, I get the notice right away and ship within hours.
  • You get two blades, install hardware, and instructions.
  • Shipping is by regular (snail) mail, so there is no tracking number. It's been very reliable and keeps my costs in line, especially for foreign shipping.
  • In Canada, shipping takes 4-5 business days. To the US, 7-10 biz days. To the rest of the world, about 14 biz days.
  • But...ever since C_V_D, mail to the US has slowed considerably, almost by 1/3. My post office confirmed this and they don't know why.
  • To speed the packages through the system, I use regular envelopes. They're sealed in packing tape so that the screws and nuts don't break the envelope.
  • Once every 3 or 4 months, a pair is unusually late. If this happens, don't wait, contact me. You will get blades. The delay might be because the envelope is sealed in packing tape and sometimes gets flagged as suspicious. A few times, the post office has opened the package.
  • The package cannot be opened without scissors or a knife. Just snip one end of the envelope.


  • The hardware is enough for the install, with extras, and the total weight makes for cheaper mailing.
  • If you need more, I send refills for free. Don't waste time at the hardware store because it is hard to find.
  • The hardware for both types of Overdrive is exactly the same. It matches the skate rivet radius: 6/32" x 1/2", 6/32" x 1" (machine screws), and 6/32" T-nuts.
  • A lot of my customers are very handy, so if you prefer using your own rivets, go for it. Experiment away!


  • The instructions on the web are far better and have bigger pictures.
  • If you're in the middle of the install and have a prob or question, don't hesitate to call or text me.
  • If you're going to have a store install the blade on skates with a cowling (they will charge for it), do everyone a favor by marking on your skate with a pen or a marker EXACTLY where the blade should go. Go to the install page for your skate, have a look at how the blade should sit on your skate, and mark it with a pen. You could also score it with a knife. To be doubly sure of proper positioning, print out the picture and give it to the store for reference.
  • Stores prefer to use rivets because it's a lot quicker, which is fine. At least one copper rivet helps a lot.


  • If you want your money back, send just the blades back, and I'll return your money, no time limit.

where to buy Overdrive


Below is a list of stores that carried Overdrive before C_V_D, but only a few of them have re-ordered since, so call to check with them first. Note that if you mail order from a store, they may not send enough hardware because they are set up for installing in the store with rivets. Contact me when you buy and I'll send sufficient hardware, no charge, of course.

Toronto Hockey Repair (or Goalie Heaven, Toronto) Skaters Edge (Sudbury)
B.K. Sports Repair (Ottawa) Coach's Corner (Burlington)
  Just Hockey (Toronto)
United Cycle (Edmonton)  
Klondike Sports (Edmonton) Maritimes
The Goalie Shop (Calgary) Sportwheels (Lower Sackville, N.S.)
  Sports Shack (St. John's, NFLD)
The Hockey Shop (Surrey)  
Cyclone Taylor Sports (Vancouver) USA
  Doug's Precision Skate Sharpening
967 Cedar Drive
Wood River, Illinois. 618-593-4355
Doug Rogers is expert at installing Overdrive and can take orders from throughout the Midwest.