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To whom it may concern: I, Kenji Yoneda, support the use of the Overdrive Blade from a medical point of view. As a goalie myself and a resident doctor of Orthopaedic Surgery, I believe the Overdrive Blade can reduce the risk of groin injuries such as Adductor muscle strain. An adductor muscle strain refers to a tear in one of the muscles that run down the inside of the thigh. An adductor muscle strain typically occurs when the muscle is either over stretched or forcibly contracted, or a combination of both. This commonly occurs during rapid changes in direction when running or through an uncontrolled lateral movement. This can happens a lot when a goalie slips on the inside of the skate boot while trying to move laterally. A goalie is pushing his/her body explosively with the skate edge to transfer his/her weight in lateral movements. When he/she slips on inside of the skate boots and loses the edge from the ice, the power suppose to put into the ice is directly flowing into the groin area. This can cause serious groin injuries. With the Overdrive Blade, a goalie can grip the ice longer and tighter when moving laterally and controlling his/her movement easily and safely. For further questions, contact me at;

Kenji Yoneda
resident, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Osaka Prefectural Hospital, Japan

"As you know my son has had a groin injury and we have been trying to deal with this for the past three seasons. The problem with the reoccurring injury seemed to be due to his skate slipping while skating hard in practice and also when recovering from a save or a stretch while he is playing in goal. He has been using the Overdrive Blade for almost four months now. He is on the ice 5 or 6 times a week and he has not had one reoccurrence of this chronic groin problem. He can now skate full out at practice and not have to worry about a skate slipping out and re-injuring his groin. His recovery in the crease is much easier and he is now able to play with full confidence without having the groin problem to worry about. The Overdrive Blade has been a major help in overcoming this groin injury." Bill McPherson


I no longer have to play with stinging, aching pain in my knees! I can walk normally the next morning after a game! I feel much more stable as I come up from the butterfly--I have confidence that I won't suffer from the dreaded 'slipping skate blowout'...they have helped my game but also they have improved the quality of my life (no pain! no pain! no pain!). Thank you soooo much! "


"I finally got a chance to try the Overdrive Blades after recovering from a back injury. They were awesome! I could keep my stance lower without having my skates slip on me. My back didn't hurt and I could hold my stance longer. My groin and knees were not under the strain they had been in the past. After a 2 hours long practice, facing nearly constant shots, my legs were not nearly as fatigued as usual. Also, when I woke up the next morning, my knees were not the first things I felt (they didn't hurt at all). Actually I'll have to use less power when pushing across because I found that I was slamming the blade of my skate into the opposite post! Thanks for making such a great product!"
Karen Powell (


"I have noticed one for me very significant benefit (and this is actually what I was hoping for when I purchased the blades): I feel a LOT LESS STRAIN and PAIN in my groin since I started to use the blades - and I can tell you that the groin is something that has really bothered me since I started playing again."
Toni Fernstrom, HV71(ret.)Sweden

This past summer I was introduced to the Overdrive Blades by John Stevenson of the Goalie Center in Edmonton, Alberta. He recommended that I give them a try after I had mentioned my previous knee injuries. As a goaltender at the professional level for the past three years my knees have really taken abuse. The Overdrive Blades have truly made a difference in my performance. They have taken a significant amount of pressure off of my knees, which has in turn increased my endurance. The Overdrive Blades have reduced the amount of stress my knees have endured by tenfold. I couldn't be happier with the Overdrive Blades and the results I have received by using them.
Sincerely, Blaine Russell Columbus Cottonmouths Goaltender


Fantastic idea, excellent product. I had been dreaming of a solution to the problems you've addressed with the Overdrive and I salute you for bringing it to market. I've had your blades on my Bauer 3000 goal skates for about a month now and could not be happier with the results. All of the benefits described on your testimonials page (transparent adaptability, increased mobility, etc.) are 100% true. More importantly, I can attest to the fact that their greatest quality is in the PREVENTION OF INJURIES. As a goalie who's been hobbled by a chronic hip flexor injury for the past seven years, I can honestly say that your product will add years to my playing days. I no longer have to worry about aggravating my injury due to skate slippage and as a result, have been able to go back to the lower, wider stance I used when I was in my "prime". Not only am I playing better, I am also playing with much less pain.
Thank you once again for developing this amazing product, one that stands out as an important innovation in a sea of gimmicks. Best Regards,
Ron Fine

I am writing this letter to advise you about the results my students, staff and myself have experienced using the Overdrive blade. First and foremost, the Overdrive blade reduces injuries. Quick transitions (e.g., up and downs, lateral thrusts, pivots, etc.) are paramount to a goaltender's success. These moves are also the ones that typically lead to groin pulls, ligament damage, or muscle pulls. My own experience and that of my students has shown that the Overdrive blade plays a significant role in eliminating these injuries. The Overdrive blade provides the grip and the stability so that the goaltender can execute these moves without the fear of their feet slipping out from underneath them. This in turn, allows the goaltender to perform these fundamental moves rapidly and with great body control.
(On a personal note)
I have been using the Overdrive blade for approximately two years. I am no longer experiencing any of the groin or knee pains that were plaguing me for the longest time. I am 34 years old and without a doubt the Overdrive blade has allowed me to play and teach at a much more efficient level. I am very grateful for your invention and I know it will be tremendously beneficial for those up and coming students who in particular like to play the butterfly style of goaltending. Lateral thrusts and quick up and downs will be done without the fear of injury.
John Stevenson Scout and Goaltender Consultant Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club
Head Instructor at The GoalieCentre (Edmonton, Ab) Jaci Stevenson


I have a problem with my kneecaps, they easily dislocate and they have done this since I was 12 years old, (I'm 20 now) I have missed up to 8 weeks every season due to this, but this season when I got the overdrive, I haven't missed one practice... I would say that this is partly due to the overdrive, I love them and wouldn't step on the ice without them!!! The injury often occurs when I try to push myself up from a butterfly move or if the shot gets deflected while I'm going down in butterfly and I need to reposition myself "on the fly", I sometimes slips and bang! there goes my kneecap...I don't slip anymore using the overdrive...I feel much more safe out there!!
Lars-Olof Moberg Brunflo IK (Sweden, Division1)

I have been using the Overdrive Blade for a little less than one year. Prior to using the Overdrive Blades I had minor knee surgery. (I had some cartilage damage and calcifying of some cartilage. Needless to say I had to have it removed.) Once I came back to playing after my knee was scoped, I noticed after games my knee would ache for days afterwards. (most times causing me to limp due to the ache) This went on for about 6 months or so. I was introduced to the Overdrive blades by a goaltending bulletin board I belong to. Once I received the Overdrive Blades and started to use them I noticed a tremendous difference in my play and how my knees wouldn't ache after play (even during fast paced/high shot on goal games). With this device I have yet to have any groin or knee injuries.
John Sark

"I have tried out the blades for about a month and a half now, and really can see the improvements in my performance. Helps me to get up and move faster side to side, and allows a wider stance with no loss in mobility. Plus it got rid of the knee pain I suffered from after tearing my MCL. That alone was reason enough for the blade, but I love playing better too. Also the legs are not as tired after a session. Excellent product for a butterfly goalie. I was a little skeptical at first, but after using it I LOVE IT! Great product, worth the small cost for the performance improvement."
Jim Kracker (

I just wanted to let you know that I've finished my first season with the Overdrive blades and I'm very impressed with how they've performed. I had a mild MCL sprain prior to the start of the season, just before I installed the blades, but worked hard to overcome the injury. The added stability the ODs gave me really gave me extra confidence in the ice, despite the knee still being 'tender'. Even being bumped or run by the opposing team, it's much easier to quickly regain balance and avoid awkward spills or slips. After my knee healed up, I still noticed much less fatigue in my knees and lower back, even after tournament weekends with 3 or 4 games. My moves are more explosive in the crease and I can stop on a dime with a lot less risk of a slip that can cause a groin pull or twisted knee. I can only compare it to trying to play basketball with your sneakers on, or just your socks. Obviously, you could do either, but the grip and support from good athletic shoes definitely enhances the basketball players game, and with out that grip... a lot of slips and spills. I think you've got a great, no, outstanding and innovative product and I wish you every success in the future. Sincerely,
Stephanie Spunt

I just wanted to add my name to your list of satisfied customers. I play primarily a stand-up style, so I was a bit skeptical. However, the low price justified a little experimentation. The benefits were not apparent until after I played the first couple of times. I have been playing net for almost 30 years and now, being older (and heavier) has taken its toll on my knees. I have had some MCL trouble the last couple of years and I think the joints have become weaker. I consistently had pain in those areas after playing. It was normal for me to take ibuprophen before and after playing to alleviate the discomfort. Since I started using the overdrives, I've experienced much less pain. It must be due to the blades taking some of the side loading off my knees when playing in a wide stance or recovering from lateral movement. Anyway, thanks again. And keep up the good work!--
Jay Molloy, Engineering Manager A & F F i x t u r e P r o d u c ts (603) 893-5666 x305

When I first started to play goal, I would get a sharp pain in the left knee that I never had before. It got to the point that I thought I'd have to quit. I was able to find a brace that helped alleviate the discomfort somewhat, but not totally. I purchased the Overdrives after reading about the benefits on a goalie BBS. I was interested in the aid in recovery from a butterfly that the Overdrives provided, since I tired quickly in up/down type drills (I'm over 40, so I can always use that as an excuse). Ever since using the Overdrives, I have not had ANY knee pain and that is even without my brace (which I forgot one day). I also can get through the drills without feeling like I'm about to die. So while I'll never have a career as a goalie the Overdrives have helped make playing the position a lot more enjoyable. Thanks for a great product, Meg Ewen

My son uses the overdrive. It has helped to relieve a knee problem that he has had for over 5 years. It allows him to get out of the way in incoming players and helps to push back up from the ice. This is a great product. Bonnie Busch, Parent of a youth player.

I wanted to thank you for your invention of the Overdrive blades. After having my knee rebuilt after a serious car accident when I was 18, I wasn't sure if I could ever play in goal again. After three years rehabilitating I finally got back into the game and things went fairly well for me for the next two seasons except that I was only able to play about 60% of the games. The other 40% I missed because my knee was too sore to play. Well since installing the overdrive blades onto my skates last year I have managed to play almost the entire 80 game season without needing to sit out games because of my knee. The overdrive blades have reduced the amount of strain my knees suffer while executing my saves and recoveries. Thanks once again and good luck in the future.
Keith Regan

I've used the blade since early in last season and have found them to help a great deal in preventing the kind of slip that got me a painful groin injury. I also have surgically repaired knees and found them to be a boon in getting up without stressing them as badly as I once did. Thanks for an innovative product.
Jeff Dworkin

The Overdrive blade that you have created has helped my game greatly. Most importantly, the Overdrive blade has helped my game because I know can rely on the blade to take the pressure away from my knees and lower back when in my stance. Before I used the product, my knees and lower back would ache endlessly when I was not on the ice due to the pressure they would be forced to hold when playing. Now that I have the Overdrive blade, my lower back and knees can withstand the weight of my body and I have no more aches and pains. Thanks for making a product for us goalie that helps to reduce injuries. Sincerely, Thomas George (301)-865-5988

Having played collegially at a perennial D3 powerhouse school, I can say for fact that the Overdrive Blade has helped ease the pain in my left knee. This knee was scoped and worked on during my junior year and again a year after I graduated. I installed the Overdrive several months after my second operation and could immediately tell the difference. My stance is quite wide and thus I have always had stress on both my knees and groin, but the Overdrive has helped in both of those areas. Although I feel I am still young at 27 and in very good shape, the Overdrive does work to relieve these stressors. I have also noticed less pain and discomfort both during and after my games. I know that I could continue to play without the Overdrive and still perform at the top of my game, but I also know that with the help of the Overdrive I can extend my own playing career and the well being of both my knees and groin. Thank you. Peter Gollan

What I have noticed is the reduced slippage that can cause injury. I had a very serious injury just prior to ordering the ODB's (dislocated hip, torn hamstring) caused by a slip during a split save on a breakaway. I still made the save, but I was out of action for several months. The ODB's allow me to bear down and actually be able to play the way I want to, despite the fact that my hamstring is still not fully healed. Even little slips hurt a lot now. Since I have the ODB's I slip less, so I get hurt less, so I am actually able to play. It has been a year since the injury and I believe I still would not be able to play without the ODB's, there's just too much stress on the hamstring otherwise. To me, banning the ODB's would be like banning compression shorts, tensor bandages, or ice packs!
Bryan Senka

I'm very happy with the product. After being out of hockey for about 15 years I started playing again 4 years ago at 41. After playing my knees would be sore and stiff for a few days. I play 2 times a week which means about the time my knees felt better I would have another game. On reading comments on your product in a few Hockey chat rooms I decided to try the Overdrive blades. After installing and using the Overdrive blades the first time I was surprised I had little or no pain and stiffness in the knees. The longer I have used them the better my knees have been. Now there has been no pain after games and now I am thinking about playing more often, where before it was thinking less. Thanks John for helping prolong my playing days.
John Buck

…At this point of my hockey career, I was playing on a bum knee (torn meniscus in my left knee). The problems in my knee were further escalated when my stance was examined. Because of my tendency to butterfly, I would try to gain a wider stance, putting my knees at a bad angle to work from. This would strain my knee and the wide stance would be the reason for some slippage. This slippage would result in a strained thigh muscle or groin strain. I found after I had installed the OD's and had begun to use them (without even really noticing) that my little aches and pains would go away from skate slippage. I would say the OD definitely reduces the workload not just on the groin but also on the knee, enabling me, for once, to have a painless season
Desi Segundo III President, University of Michigan - Flint Hitmen

I have been using your overdrive blades for 3 years now. In the previous two years before installing them I pulled my groin almost every other week because in haste I would want to get from point A to point B in a hurry and would lose an edge and end up in a semi-split or be in a Roy-like stance, legs wide apart, would want to move and lose the edge. Since installation I have done the same moves thousands of times and have yet to have much of a problem with groin pulls since, not to mention a few more saves. If only you could come up with a gizmo to prevent dislocated shoulders I would be at your
door in seconds. Thanks for everything... GO DEVILS!
Ryan J. Raya Wachusett Regional High School- Varsity Goalkeeper

Unlike some of the other goalies I got the OD because after every game my right knee looked like a pumpkin. Right now there is no swelling and it feels fine, THANK YOU.
Andrew Ochsner

I've been using the blades for about a month and a half. They are FANTASTIC!! I love the improvement in my game because of them. Before I got these blades, I used to slip when I wanted to get a wide stance and I sometimes would hurt my knee ligaments. Now, I find myself with a much wider stance with no stress on my knee ligaments. Also my recovery time from butterflies is much easier and quicker. A great product for a goalie. Thanks for giving us goalies an edge on the shooter for once."
John Reich.

I got the blades on Tuesday and installed them right away. I played Wednesday night with them and my knees feel great today. I am 40 years old playing in a men's 25 and over league. I found that I could bounce up easier and quicker from the butterfly. I also could push off side-to-side when out cutting down the angles, without having any posts to push off from.

I have been using the Overdrive blades for about three months now, while I am still getting the feel for how to use them and what they can do for me I have found the most significant change is the reduction of felt stress and discomfort in my knees. Coming back from reconstructive knee surgery and a subsequent serious groin muscle tear the ability to get low and still maneuver has been greatly enhanced, I believe more due to the reduction in pain and increased confidence the Overdrive blades have given me. Far and away the best money I have spent on equipment enhancement. I do believe that the blades have given me a tremendous gain in confidence and a definite reduction in pain. I don't go home looking for the icepack after games, although a beer and a hot tub are still in order.
Robb Foster (Rehab Equipment Specialists)

I just wanted to drop you a little line about how much I enjoy your product. I have been using the Overdrive blade for almost a year now and it has enhanced my game quite a bit. I find I am now able to widen my stance without fear of slipping and injuring my knees or groin. It has given me an extra level of confidence that I am safe on the ice using the style that is most comfortable to me. It has also really improved my movement when I'm on the ice with my paddle down. I can't say enough good things about your product. In my business it's really hard to sell a product you don't believe in, so to be able to sell a product like yours has been a great asset for me. At Just Hockey, we get customers from beginners right up to pro players and the thing that brings them back is that they trust our knowledge and service. I could never sell a product to my customers that I didn't feel would enhance their performance and safety on the ice. I can't tell you how many people I've passed on the word about the Overdrive Blades to. And I've never had anything but a positive feedback about them. Thank you on behalf of myself and my customers for creating such a great product for goalies.

Emile Mansour
Just Hockey - Source For Sports

I have used the overdrive blade for a year now, and I can't believe how much pain it has saved on my knees and back. I am an inverted v goalie who has the stance width of a certain early 90s Belfour. Before the blade, I constantly slipped and stained my knees. Now I can crouch in confidence now that I installed your product.Rick DeRouchey

I have recently returned to ice hockey goaltending after a fifteen-year absence. During this absence I have noticed the style of goaltending has become a predominantly butterfly style of goal. I decided to adopt this style and have been very successful with it. Because this style of goal requires me to stand quite wide in my stance, it would sometimes cause my knees to be stressed and sore during games. This would be compounded in situations in which the stance was so wide in fact, when shifting my weight laterally, my skates would sometimes slip out, causing quite a significant inflammation to the inner knee ligament. This would result in pain in my knees for days following a hockey session. Since I installed the Overdrives, the pain in my knees during play was greatly reduced and eventually became non-existent. This has allowed me to be able to play back-to-back games without any noticeable pain and has greatly improved my recovery time. I would like to thank you for the Overdrives and a pain and injury free goaltending career. John Punt

Hi, My name's Ryan Johnson and I'm a 16 year old goaltender from Canton, Michigan. I have been using the overdrive blades for about 10 months now and I've noticed an increase in my performance. For goalies with wide five holes like myself, the blades help to achieve greater balance and enables for me to have better lateral movement. I've also noticed that while using Overdrive blades, I've been able to do
down-ups much quicker and more efficient. I no longer slip off from the sides of my skates, which used to put tension on my groin and hamstring muscles. Now with the Overdrive blades, I haven't slipped once and I'm still able to maintain my wide stance. For me, Overdrive blades are the perfect way to maximize my playing ability according to my unorthodox style.
Sincerely, Ryan Johnson.

I have been using the blades now for a full season and am truly happy with them. It makes a huge difference when having to recover and move laterally through the crease. Also, before I put them on the skates during the previous summer season, during a scramble in the front of the net, my leg that was planted on the ice actually slipped when I was trying to recover from a save to move to the other side of the net and thus I twisted my knee quite badly. The pain endured for about 2 weeks, I needed constant heat and ice to sooth the knee as well as some anti-inflammatory medication. I was forced to have someone fill in for me at the time and missed the remainder of the playoffs. Thus, our chances at winning went down the tubes. During the season this past winter, the same situation occurred numerous times. I have positively found that the overdrive blade will stop that same skate from slipping out and give me a sure footing to recover and come across the crease precisely where I want. Thx for designing and patenting a truly unique and great product for the goaltender.
Paul Gastaldin

…I haven't noticed any negative affects in having them. I can definitely hold a wider stance and I do get a much better initial push when I'm trying to bolt to the bench on a delayed penalty, etc. My biggest boost isn't so much just the physical boost in performance, but also the mental...the confidence gained and having less fear of injury pulling something, like my back or groin during an awkward slip. Kevin Oscroft.

It has been almost six months since I first put the Overdrive blades on my skates and I continue to be amazed with every game I play! My movements are significantly more explosive in either direction and I am easily able to reverse my direction when the situation warrants it. My butterfly recoveries are now very similar to your video page (thanks for the ideas!) with a tight compact form which almost always stays together. The wider stance has greatly reduced leg fatigue while enabling better coverage of the corners, WITHOUT sacrificing mobility. I have not had any problems with scraping or catching. My groin and back take much less abuse and are no longer subject to the heavy loads put on them when playing without the blades, due mostly to slipping. I do not feel as "spent" after a game or practice! Robert Rosti

Just a note to let you know how I feel after using your blades for a year. In a word great! Being an older guy it helps with my peace of mind knowing that the OD is there to keep me from feeling that terrible ripping that comes from having a skate slip out from under you. Thanks again for a great product.
Darrell Swigert.

I have been using it for over a year now. I didn't know how much Overdrive helped in preventing me from slipping when I drop into a butterfly until it was gone. Recently, the Overdrive slipped in a little, and my right foot began slipping during a game. I readjusted the blade, and the problem went away. Overdrive prevents a slip and possible groin extension injury. I wouldn't play without it and recommend it to other goalies. Thanks for a great product!
James Smith

I would like to weigh in on the safety benefits of Overdrive blades. My son is an 11 year old goaltender from Michigan and plays at the AAA level. He has had Overdrive blades on his skates now for just over a year. As the father of a young goaltender, It has become apparent to me, that the physical and athletic demands of the position are becoming evermore demanding for young goaltenders. In particular, the lateral and down game of today is placing tremendous stresses on the knee joint and groin muscles. In my opinion, Overdrive blades significantly reduce these stresses by reducing the angle of the skate to the ice necessary for thrusting across the crease. Overdrive blades also serve to stabilize the goaltenders skate positioning reducing the chance for injuries from skate slippage and twisting. I think Overdrive blades offer significant safety enhancements to goaltenders and can prevent series injuries in young goaltenders whose ligaments and muscles are not yet fully developed.

James M. Hamby, Ph.D.

I can personally attest to easing of the stress on my knees. After every game it was I&I (Ice and Ibuprofen), I feel much better after playing, and I no longer need the drugs and Ice packs after a game. I truly believe that I will be able to play years longer than I would have been able to without the blade. Jim Abbs

Before I used your blades I constantly was straining and pulling muscles in my back due to slipping of my legs as I made saves. Since using your blades Ii have had no problems with my back and the blades give me the support Ii need when making quick moves. Thanks,Ryan Rathbun
Goaltender- Clarkston High School
Clarkston, Michigan

John, I finally got a chance to try out my OVERDRIVES and they definitely make a difference. Sliding post to post is much easier, with less strain on the inside of my knees. On breakaways I can use a wider stance, hence taking
away the lower corners. I'm 43 years old with past groin and knee problems. Any product that can give me less pain in those areas is greatly appreciated. Thanks for a great innovation for us GOALIES. Ed "GUMP" Ferington

That game was my first time to skate in them and all I can
say is MY KNEES DON'T HURT! They didn't hurt at the end of the game, they
didn't hurt by the time I left the bar and went home, and they didn't hurt
when I got up this morning. I've been fighting a slight groin strain, and
most of the game required the butterfly. But my muscle doesn't hurt today
either. I'm so excited about this I can't stand it. I didn't expect to get
any results until I'd used them several times, but my knees always hurt when
I get out of goal, and now they don't. I can only think the Overdrives are

Wow - goaling without pain. I could get used to this! Kellene Stets <>


I just wanted to let you know that I have about 10 games under my belt with the blades and they feel great. I've had no knee pain and have joined another 40 and over league. I am playing twice a week now and can't beleive how much better my knees feel.My lateral movement from post to post is excellent now. Thanks again and good luck with getting them in the NHL. Bob Arpan Arpan <>

I have had your overdrive blade for about half a year. Ever since then, I haven't had one groin pull or anything. I think that it is unfair that they would rule it as a performance enhancer because when you look at it, so are most new products. When you make a new pad that is lighter, that is to enhance your quickness, when you put a banana curve on your stick, that is a performance enhancer. Any new product that comes out is more protective, but they also find ways to help it improve your game, thus it would be a performance enhancer. Overdrive is just that, it gives you protection by not letting you slip, but it also improves your game. Besides that, if you are a bad goalie to start with, it won't make you an all-star. You have to work hard and focus on your game still. Mike Prosser, <>